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Do you have a driveway? Do you own an apartment building or a rental property with a parking lot? Do you own a business with a patio? Do you manage a small town or a parks department? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, you may occasionally need to hire a paving company to provide paving services for you. These companies can do anything from small paths and patios to large parking lots. They can put in plain gray concrete or dress it up with acid stains, etchings, and more. All the options can be overwhelming, but this blog is here to help. Enjoy.


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Positive Posts About Paving

    How To Change The Color Of Asphalt Pavement

    Most people don't even know that asphalt can be colored, but it can. There are a variety of earth tone shades that it can be colored in, and there are valid reasons why this is something you would want to do. You won't have to look at plain black asphalt anymore, and you can have aesthetically appealing and decorative asphalt for your driveway, pathway, or bike paths. The color additives used are easy to use and environmentally-friendly for both asphalt emulsion sealers and hot mix asphalt.

    3 Tips to Make Winter Scraping Easier in Your Parking Lot

    If you run a business in an area that is prone to a lot of winter weather, you you might be thinking ahead to the need  to scrape your parking lot regularly during the winter months. This might not be something that you are looking forward to, but if you follow these tips, you can simplify the process all winter long. 1. Have Cracks Repaired Before Winter Comes If your parking lot is damaged, it's going to be even harder for you to keep it clean this winter.

    Three Ways Winter Can Wreak Havoc On Your Asphalt Pavement

    Spring is usually considered the best time to have your pavement repaired, with fall coming in second. But if you just skip the whole thing and let fall turn into winter without having your pavement sealed or getting the cracks filled, what will happen to your parking lot? It probably won't crumble to dust over the course of one winter, but you should know that there are several ways in which winter weather can damage the pavement's integrity and usability.

    Do You Really Need To Have Your Parking Lot Paved Again? Why This Is So Important

    When you are a business owner, you ave to worry not just about the products you sell or the service you provide, you need to worry about the exterior of the company building, especially the parking lot. This means that you will need to have the parking lot paved and maintained as often as needed. If you are not yet convinced that this is such an important thing to do, you will want to check out the following points.

    5 Tips To Help Protect Your Asphalt Driveway This Winter

    While it is true that winter is still some time away, it is never too early to ensure that you are armed with the right information to protect your asphalt pavement from the winter elements. Snow and ice can wreak havoc on asphalt, leaving behind large cracks and potholes that are not only unsightly but also dangerous. So, here are five tips to help ensure you know how to properly protect your asphalt driveway when winter comes around this year:

    Consider Paving With Asphalt

    When you are ready to pave your driveway you can either put down gravel, pavers, concrete, or asphalt. These are some of the most popular types of driveway, but if you have not given asphalt serious consideration, it is time to look at asphalt. Gravel is not a long term solution when it comes to a driveway but does serve as a very good base for the other three types of paving.

    Benefits Of Having Your Driveway Paved With Asphalt

    When you're considering what to do to transform your driveway, one of the things you might be considering is having the whole area paved. Opting for asphalt can be a great choice, especially if you have a lot of traffic in your driveway or you're hoping to build a retaining barrier on either side. However, many people dismiss the idea of asphalt because they don't understand the many benefits that can come from it.

    3 Reasons To Provide Paved Driveways At Your Single-Family Rentals

    If you own single-family rentals, you may currently have gravel or dirt driveways on these properties. Working with a paving contractor to put in paved driveways can be a better choice. These are three reasons why. 1. Increase Property Value and Desirability Adding a paved driveway can make your properties look more attractive and neat. It can help add to the property value, which can be a good thing later on if you choose to sell the property.